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Thirsting for knowledge - Learning and not for school

We have the most exciting educational adventures imaginable, Find out about the region and its love of learning.

Monasteries and religious houses have always been centres of wisdom and knowledge. It is for this reason that the Upper Kremstal and Schlierbach Monastery have been famous for education at all levels for centuries. And while knowledge was only available to the monks in earlier times, it is now open to everyone. What’s more it is by no means only the arts that are taught. Our guests can choose from a very wide range of activities under the motto »creativity behind monastery walls« at Schlierbach Monastery: these range from »acrylic painting« to special »wine and cheese« courses.

A special focus of the organisers is preserving and organising old folk arts, so that none of these become extinct.

The innovative seminars at the monastery are by no means all this region has to offer people thirsting for knowledge.

In addition to the organised educational institutions such as the SPES Future Academy, associations, private companies and individuals all offer training and learning opportunities on subjects ranging from how to grill, to the ins and outs of fruit wine and cider for the connoisseur, cookery seminars, or a guide to the Himmelreich biotope in Micheldorf.