• Panoramaansicht Region Oberes Kremstal

  • Am Grillenparz

  • Bernardisaal im Stift Schlierbach

  • Aufblühen im Oberen Kremstal

  • Burg Altpernstein

Feasts for the eyes and ears - Strength and spirituality

Cultural joys that bring together traditional arts and modern creativity.

Cultural joys combining traditional arts and modern creativity. This is a region with a powerful mystical appeal. The ideal framework conditions are found here for spiritual retreat or for inventive creativity. Schlierbach Monastery is an example of this forceful and deeply rooted power. A guided tour through Schlierbach Monastery is a journey of discovery in a world of the spirit, possessing a strength which has fascinated us through until the present day.

The natural cult locations include holy and healing springs and locations of great natural power that can be visited here. An example is the interior of the Georgenbergkirche in Micheldorf, it is a church built on a site of early Christian worship.