• Burg Altpernstein

  • Panoramaansicht Region Oberes Kremstal

  • Am Grillenparz

  • Stift Schlierbach

  • Bewegungshunger in Oberschlierbach

  • Bernardisaal im Stift Schlierbach

  • Aufblühen im Oberen Kremstal

  • Burg Altpernstein


Good food and drink are always incredibly important for people on a day out, a tour or on holiday and this is exactly where this region scores top with its superb provision for visitors. Wherever you look, at our joys of food, our feasts for the eyes and ears, hungry to move or thirsting for knowledge schemes you can be sure that the opportunity to truly enjoy yourself is always fully in focus here in the Upper Kremstal. And you can see for yourself and find all the great products available!

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